Portland Steampunk Society - 2011: Getting out and 'Doing It'.

October 15th - SteamCon III

Driving to the convention.

The Nautilus ship's wheel.

Zeppelin crew and Officer's Mess.

Theresa & Rosemarie, convention attendees, and Maltese Falcon Reward Notice.

August 21st - Victorian Champagne & Croquet Picnic

In celebration of the Wedding of the Prince of Prussia and the Princess of Isenburg

Gunther & Trudy Hoffmann - Honorary German Consul for the State of Oregon

Michell showing Gunther how to open a bottle of champagne with a sabre.

Pretty Victorian ladies, a toast to the Royal couple, and Theresa playing with the sabre.

Wedding Invitation for the Royal couple, Georg & Sophia, and Best Wishes from all of us in Portland, Oregon.

July 23rd - Gear Con I

June 10th - The Labyrinth Ball

June 5th - An afternoon at the River View Memorial Park, PDX

June 4th - An afternoon at the Lilac Garden in Woodland, WA

April 9th - Kim's B-day Party

Held at Le Chateau in Portland. Lots of food and entertainment.


Our B-day girl - Kim! Heidi and Michell. Dancing the evening away.


A very lovely Melissa - just before she dropped my antique Meerschaum pipe.

Hard to get angry with someone like this ........

March 26th - Vampires Masquerade Ball, Portland, Oregon

The largest annual Masquerade Ball in Portland, hosted by Lady Raven


The Masquerade Ball Pre-Party

Held at Le Chateau in Portland. Music, food and improptu photo shoots.


At the Vampires Masquerade Ball

Oberst Crist and Lady Raven, a very beautiful Steampunk lady, and Oberst Crist & Princess Fancy Pants.


The Masquerade Ball Post-Party

Heidi unwinding after the ball, the annual 'How many Ladies can we cram onto Sean's bed' photo, and Bhrigha's last photo for the evening.

March 6th - Spring Antique Show at the Portland Expo

Hats! Lots of hats. The ladies in our group made sure they had inspected EVERY vintage hat at the show. Heidi purchased a new hat for the Champagne & Croquet Party, as well as a nice retro hat case.

Other notable purchases included a few Victorian pennies for the ladies to have in their vintage purses, and Sean (of course) made the best score of the day - a WWI Iron Cross 2nd Class, with hallmarked ribbon ring, for $15!

February 13th - Rose City Steampunk Film Festival

The Rose City Steampunk Film Festival was a good idea that went off with a problem or two. The organizers failed to specify the correct media format for the submitted films. As a result, much of the submitted material was unplayable on the theater equipment. Note to organizers: 'Know your equipment and know your sources; and you will be much better off'.

"Well..... did they get the damn movie playing yet?"

January 15th - Weapons Training at Le Chateau

"It's almost MORE important to be able to pose with these things than to actually fire them...."

<-.... Before .... & .... After .... ->

"No Sean .... we aren't playing with your toys on your bed, again..."

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